Understand you, understand your team.

  • IDD1 (Inner Driver Discovery) Emotions Mapping.

  • IDD2 (Inner Diagnosis Discovery) Personal and Team Capabilities Assessment.

  • IDD3 (Inner Dynamics Discovery) Microculture.

Human Skills

Shaping Leaders.

  • Total Ownership /Accountability/Self-management

  • Communication

  • Productivity

  • Personal Strategy

  • Talent Management

  • Conflict Management

  • Negotiation

  • International Biz. Etiquette

  • Emotions Management

  • Managerial Skills

  • Decision making

  • Strategic Finance

  • Connecting with Clients


Go to the next level.

  • Design Thinking.

  • Lean Start Up

  • Agile.

  • Growth Haking.

  • Digital Transformation

  • Exponential Thinking

  • BlockChain

  • VUCA

  • HBPS

  • Medici Effect

Differentiated / Valuable Options

What makes us unique.

  • Diezz XB (External Board)

  • Diezz EEM Executive Emotions Management

  • Stoic Leadership

  • Design Solutions Desk

  • Development Centre

  • Int Biz Etiquette

  • Biz Savvy Tools

  • Mentoring

  • Coaching

One of the best program wrap up sessions I have attended.

So far, the most pragmatic experience joining both theory and execution that support the day-to-day activities.

Guillermo Ortega

COO iTexico

It has always been very gratifying to work with the Diezz Leaders team, they are an example of professionalism.

From the beginning we noticed that we could count on them, their communication was assertive, and they actively listened to what were the objectives we were seeking for our company, as well as the needs and challenges we were facing. They knew how to adapt to the different personalities of our work team and, therefore, develop dynamics that were effective. The best thing has been the follow-up, they demonstrate an honest and transparent concern to give continuity to the work that we agree on as a team.

Carlos Quirarte

EPAM Mexico Director

I really enjoyed this program.

All the instructors are very experienced people, and for me this was an extremely enriching experience. And as I tell those who ask me how 2020 was, I always tell them that it was an excellent year for me and the DIEZZ program is one of the main reasons.

Alejandro Palma


Always continue with that attitude of partnership.

I think that is something that distinguishes Diezz, I would like us to be the same.

Alejandro Palma


Diezz’s level of organization is very good.

I appreciate the flexibility, the dynamics, and having access to new opportunities. This program is at the level as a diploma.

Fernando Gómez


Thanks a lot. It was a pleasure participating in the program.

I take a lot of tips and reinforcement to make more effective my 1-1, career plans and performance appraisals. I liked a lot the format, full of content and especially all very dynamic with clear examples. Thank you for such great content and excellent facilitators.

Alejandra Diaz

Recruitment Director DXC Luxoft Mexico