“To empower someone, give her the responsibility and trust her” Efrat Shani

Hereafter a simple yet powerful process to enhance the accountability and trust of your team members.

The idea is that you implement the steps described below in a series of one on one sessions with each of your team members. Same as in good negotiations, development is a process and requires time.

The process described below requires active listening, asking the questions listed below, and showing genuine interest in what your collaborator answers.

Seek to enrich your perspective avoiding judgments, showing respect, and taking notes.

  • Set a clear objective. i.e., The objective of this session is to define specific actions to enhance your development.

  • How do you feel at work?

  • What are you enjoying?

  • What are you not enjoying?

  • What do you think you are doing well?

  • If she barely answers, tell her what you think she is doing well.

  • What do you think you can improve?

  • Avoid the temptation to tell her what you think she can improve

  • If she is not able to identify what to improve, stop the session.

  • Ask her to meet in a couple of days.

  • Set a clear expectation that she is required to know what to improve.

  • What is the personal impact of your improvement?

  • What is the professional impact of your improvement?

  • What does it mean High-Performance Culture?

  • Share what is your concept of a High-Performance Culture

  • What do you decide to do?

  • How committed are you?

  • How do you assure the implementation of what you decided to do?

  • What do you need from me?

I recommend that you initially implement this process with one or two of your collaborators who have a significant impact on the performance of your team. Once you are satisfied with the results and familiar with the process, replicate it with the rest of your team.

How do you decide to implement this tool?

Once you implement it, share your results with us. Feel free to consult me if you require further detail.

Juan Carlos Rodriguez Nuño



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